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Slides outsourcing

If you create numerous presentations at your company on a regular basis, you should consider outsourcing this work in order to allow your employees to concentrate on more important tasks. 

To help you save time and efforts in producing effective professional presentations we offer three options.

What we offer:

Express-analysis of presentations (on-line consulting)

It's simple. You show us your presentation - we provide you with our expert opinion on its design, style, structure, logic, layout, and many other details related to its effectiveness.

It's a good choice when you need a feedback from experts, a fresh look from outside to see what could be improved.

Professional optimization

Professional optimization of presentations design and layout to keep it up with the most stringent industry standards.

Your part:

You provide us with a complete presentation along with the structure, finished content, and graphics.

Our part:

We give it our professional evaluation and make all necessary changes, including: 

  • stylizing all elements (graphics, shapes, maps, icons, fonts, and so on) to keep them consistent with your brand identity, 
  • arranging blocks, sections, and paragraphs,
  • adjusting transition / animation effects to make them run smoothly.


Professional re-design and enhancement

Professional slide re-design and enhancement to provide a bigger impact on the target audience.

Your part:

You provide us with a complete presentation along with the structure and finished content.

Our part:

In addition to the services described above, we do some serious work on your presentation including the following: 

  • defining key ideas in order to make them clear to the audience,
  • incorporating graphics for a bigger impact with visual effects,
  • editing text in order to clean it up and make the content more comprehensible,
  • enhancing slides with animation effects.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

We'll be glad to answer all your questions!

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